Free Storage

Storing your clothes with us makes good, common sense.

It's free, it's easy and its guaranteed.

  1. You get free clothing storage

    Simply bring us your winter or summer clothing and we'll store them for you in a protected environment.

    Storage costs you nothing!

  2. You receive free insurance

    That's right — your clothes are fully insured against damage and it costs nothing. Plus, you set the insurance value for each of your garments and receive 100% of whatever you claim if any of your clothing is damaged.

  3. Your clothes are protected from moths

    Moths can ruin woolen clothing in very little time. It can be extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming to rid your house of moths. But in our special storage facility your clothes will be safe from moth damage.

  4. You'll multiply your storage space

    Stop cramming your clothes in a closet. We'll provide you with all the storage space you need to keep your clothes in the best condition.

  5. Your clothes will be professionally cleaned

    If clothes are not properly cleaned, stains can set in during storage and ruin them. If you're not careful, undesirable creases can be permanently furrowed into some fabrics. Store your clothes at Kleen and they'll come back to you looking better than ever.

  6. Your most valuable clothing will be preserved

    Why risk damage to your expensive clothing? Protect your investment — clean and store with us!

  7. Free storage with us is easy

    No need to rearrange closets — just bring it all to us.