Commitment to the Environment

We're dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment, and continually seek opportunities to reduce our impact on the planet. At Kleen, we recognize that laundry operations consume a considerable amount of the Earth's resources and it's our responsibility to conserve and minimize waste wherever possible.

Throughout Kleen's history we have demonstrated responsible stewardship of the environment. We've been progressive and have worked aggressively to minimize our carbon footprint and become more energy efficient by investing in such initiatives as:

  • Partnering with local energy company and conducting a pilot to even out electricity draw in our commercial and retail sites.
  • Installed low wattage, energy efficient lighting.
  • We're the first commercial laundry in the U.S to use the Aquamiser water recycling system.
  • Installed meters to monitor and measure daily use of water, effluent and steam.
  • Partnered with our local transportation company to find ways to reduce diesel and carbon footprint (e.g. routing, GPS equipment, engine type).
  • Providing reusable products to customers.
  • We're the first commercial laundry in the U.S. to utilize liquefied natural gas as our primary fuel source. With an abundant domestic natural gas supply, this change reduces our carbon footprint. To complete the conversion we installed a generation unit and retrofitted our equipment.